5 Places You Should Walk Your Dog In Prestwich

By September 6, 2016Walking In Prestwich

5 Places You Should Walk Your Dog In Prestwich

Ever get bored walking your dog in the same place everyday? Well we’ve got some suggestions to help make it more fun for both of you. Below is a great list of our 5 favorite places to walk your dog in Prestwich.

Prestwich is such a lovely town, it has loads of great parks, paths and open spaces to walk and explore in.

We’re lucky enough to be able to go walking and be outdoors everyday in order to walk your furry friends so we’ve got plenty of places to tell you about. We’ll just share our top five for this article, we hope you love taking your dogs there as much as we do!

  1. The Clough Rough Trail

The Clough is awesome!


This is a great walk if you’re willing to get a little muddy and wet, get your wellies out! To get to this trail you have to walk down Bury New Road and into St Mary’s Flower Park. Walk all the way to the back and find a little path leading to a black gate. Once you’re through that gate you’re in the thick of it and in the Clough proper.
There’s a fork in the path, go to the left and follow it round. You’ll come to a stream, just follow that stream all the way and you be covered by trees and some beautiful scenery, your furry friend will love it! Let them off the lead there and let them be free to explore… a little proviso; they’ll never want to leave!

2. The Clough Farm Road


Great to walk your dog in Prestwich.


If you want to see some lovely hills, some horses, cows, sheep and countryside there’s few places better in Prestwich than down Clifton Road. To get here park up in the M&S carpark or the one behind it and go across the road. Walk straight down the road next to the carpet shop and keep going until you reach Clifton road, you’ll know you’re on the right road when you start seeing fields instead of buildings. Simply walk all the way down there and you’ll end up at the exit to the Clough. It’s a really pretty and long walk meaning you and your pooch will be nice and tired for the rest of the day.

That’s the end of part one, for the three others just click here: Dog Walks in Prestwich Part 2

And of course, if for any reason you can’t take you dog to any of these places please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help, just click here: Walking4Paws

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